Review Vacu Vin, This simple vacuum seal system helps preserve a nice bottle if you...

A few days earlier. I'm looking for information on the Vacu Vin 981460 Wine Saver Vacuum Wine Pump with 2 Stoppers, so i would like to describe here.

Vacu Vin 981460 Wine Saver Vacuum Wine

The Wine Saver is a vacuum pump which extracts the air from an opened bottle and reseals it with a reusable rubber stopper. It slows down the oxidation process and keeps the wine fresh for 7 to 10 days.. Read more or Check Price

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It seems to be a good product ... user friendly ... keeps the wine tasting fresh. Great buy by D. Pierce

great idea. It works as advertised. I only wish that the plugs can act as a pourer well. by NCary

Simple and easy to use I like. It ' fun to pop them in bottles of wine and you can feel how tight seals them. by Nick

This simple system of vacuum seal helps preserve a nice bottle if you just want a glass occasionally. Now I want to open and enjoy the wine that will last for 2 weeks now Yay by Laura Powers

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